Out EP

by jo passed

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In 04:28
i can't stand this standing in what's all this mess where have you been to interpret out of control last time i checked there were no levers to pull i stopped shaking once in position i become something else but just in relation don't mind the people outside they chose that path for their lives pull the cloth down to your chin such a good feeling to be in and i can't respect any logic if it's not what we found it can't exist
Rage 04:05
he talks you down the best and in a crowd you could be so lonely try and get some rest and don't take that shit from anybody they're not worth your time if they can't commit to listening rage you listen so well but now it's your turn to say something speak up, speak now don't let him drown you out
Lego my Ego 04:27
the futility of your design sprits taken from another’s mind palm on palm did we fall from the same garden the crops are spoiled can you tell the good from the bad if you don’t use the funnel the filter will break and love is a idea too easy to delineate for you it’s so easy to relax when friends encourage your path chosen on a whim open to your closed mind in love with your confines i know about your prison locked on the outside, and within don’t leave me alone another trait assembled to make outside resemble your bedroom your common sense isn’t universal and nature is much more than what’s outside open to your closed mind in love with your confines i know about your prison locked on the outside, and within wanted just one more day to square all my thoughts away file down and criticize staring forward, side by side
senses enflamed and burnt out we see fireworks, people about packed together in your mind every look, eclipsing blind no, joy, please stay it’s not just me that will fade away fingers run bloody through dreamy haze tending sheep, so i say no, joy, don’t wake at all, sleep late in the other state real, imagined and made fine thin grass points to your brow filing down clouds, what’s left is doubt all you absorb makes a callus grow around you’re eyelids, ears and nose but joy, in here, you’re never left out buses are on time, time’s a clown tricks performed, to entertain if you ask, i’ll say again No Joy, don’t wake at all, sleep late in the, other state real, imagined and made No Joy at all in the real.
Spring 05:12
born brothers bothers birth masks death passive aggressive sew stitch patch fix but all red already worn out try we try we find it so why is it so hard to be to say to play to be in a room. oh my god oh my god oh my god born rot birthed old grow up spring has come again stuck stuck in a loop fear what can we make us four what can we design it’s a sign a weed grows fast faster than our crop cropped out of the sketch split in into quarters oh my god oh my god oh my god born rot birthed old start again, do better something could happen, it almost worked before, we just have to try harder we can make it work, it almost worked before, double up our efforts, the cycle has ended, it almost worked before, we just have to try harder start again


Available on Cassette through: craftsingles.bandcamp.com


released January 22, 2016

songs by jo
vocals/guitar/piano by jo
drums by mac
drums by jo on “no, joy (i’m not real girl)”
recorded/mixed by jo
mastered by brock mcfarlane
all songs recorded in july 2015 in thor’s palace in vancouver
except “no, joy (i’m not real, girl)” recorded in sept 2015 in villeray bunker in montreal

thanks: rage, andy, mac, june, ridley, elliot, ronnie, alex
dedicated to the memory of tommy


all rights reserved



jo passed Vancouver, British Columbia

Jo Passed originally consisted of Jo and his friend and drummer Mac Lawrie. The two moved to Montreal together, and toured the far-right corner of North America. After Jo’s return to Vancouver, multi-instrumentalist Bella Bébé joined the band in January of 2016, and multimedia artist Megan-Magdalena Bourne joined on bass, after working on a video for the song “Rage” (from Jo Passed’s 'Out' EP). ... more

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